The characteristics of the crepe paper

Paper fibers are divided into long and short fibers. When the paper is made from pulp then it consists of long fibers and has greater strength, while the paper you produce from recycled paper, like us, then the paper consists of short fibers because it goes through processing many times.

Due to its elasticity, flexibility, cushioning and waterproofing characteristics, crepe paper is widely used in the Aluminium extrusion, Powder coating & Anodizing industry as a better, eco-friendly and cheaper alternative to plastic film (LDPE) for wrapping and protecting aluminium profiles during their storage and transportation.

An upgraded version of crepe paper that also has an added level of water-resistant. Initially developed after request of our customers in Middle East and especially the Gulf area (GCC countries), where the extreme humidity levels during the night would moist the paper.

The crepe papers we produce are divided according to their use and each paper has its own characteristics. The grams of this crepe paper range from 60g to 200g and it has a tensile strength of up to 70%.

Below we will analyze what each type of crepe paper is used for.

Types of use

Crepe paper is used in:

  • For wrapping aluminum profiles
  • For sewing sacks – sack sewing
  • For bookbinding
  • To protect cables
  • For wrapping products in pallets instead of stretch film